Personal & Professional Goals

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Being focused on my personal and professional goals will allow me to achieve my desired outcome of becoming a doctorate-prepared nurse practitioner in primary care.

Each step of the journey is immensely important to me, and will teach me valuable lessons about myself and about the field of nursing.

I hope to begin my career by passing the NCLEX and then working in primary care doing Clinical Education and Health Promotion with a diverse patient population. Next, I will enroll in an MSN program in the Family Health concentration. After earning my MSN, I will begin working in an integrative health family clinic as a nurse practitioner. As a master’s prepared nurse practitioner, I will continue to work toward my DNP part-time. With these goals in mind, I can focus more clearly on my current situation and understand how it fits into my career picture.


Short-Term Goals

  • I will pass the NCLEX in June 2019. 

  • I will start working in the primary care clinic setting by July 2019.


Long-term goals

  • I will earn my MSN in the Family Nurse Practitioner specialty by June 2022. 

  • I will enroll in a DNP program by August 2025.